VIDEO – AI never sleeps – Sarah Bell

It used to be that game-changing innovations would come once per lifetime at best. For example, over 500 years passed between Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press and the first digital printer. There was a time when generation after generation was effectively dealing with the same tools and technologies as the generation before them.

But times have changed, and now our world is disrupted and rapidly reinvented on an almost daily basis. Changes that used to occur over several generations can now happen in a decade or less. This is true across the globe and in every industry. No one is safe. And if the rapid rise of social networking has taught us anything, it’s that the real estate industry is no different.

One of the biggest new technologies of our age is artificial intelligence.  So what is it?  How does it work and how can we work with it?  If in fact it is an it.   To help is understand – my guest is Sarah Bell

Sarah Bell is RITA’s mother – RITA.  Commentator, agitator, and innovator, Sarah Bell is a co-founder of the proptech startup Aire., Automated Intelligent Real Estate. She helps real estate businesses to solve the problems of cost and scale by upskilling existing resources as well as helping them transition to digital resources using Aire.’s digital employee, Rita.   Sarah will be one of the speakers at Inman Connect and we are so proud of her.

How can AI increase the relevance of the recommendations we make to people?

The AI will then be able to take over by personalizing every customer interaction, bringing all of your marketing activity together in such a way that it can aggregate the data and figure out what will work best at every touchpoint. For example, it can tailor its messaging and the imagery it uses based on what’s worked well for other, similar customers.

Can AI actually help us ‘sell’ anything? It never sleeps
How can it practically help build relationships?


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