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House Valuers Perth

Real estate values in Perth are dependent on location and market fluctuations just to name a few of the factors. With extensive experience in the industry My Property Value have equipped a team of leading property specialists that liaise with leading real estate agencies to obtain healthy and accurate property appraisals that in turn will assist our clients with making sound decisions. That is why we are the best house valuers in Perth and have built a free, online calculator that will send you a detailed report based on your circumstances. Each and every Australian has the right to know their property value and here at My Property Value, we make it a possibility for free!



  • Accurate, reliable and efficient real estate calculations backed with research
  • On-going assistance to all our clients that might require further information
  • Professional approach with a large database of property audits and statistics
  • Industry recognised as the leading real estate values Perth team that never miss a beat
  • User-friendly apps for both Apple and Samsung devices to make it easy
  • Exceptional support and insight on the current trends and property appraisals
  • Overall willingness to push the boundaries and evolve our systems
  • Commitment to our trade, with knowledgeable staff and a collaborative effort with industry specialists.

Made for ease and hassle free real estate values Perth, our calculator can also be used from your mobile device as we have developed applications for all operating systems. Reliability, dedication and overall excellence are the key stepping stones we have utilised to build our success on and be labelled as the best house valuers Perth. For a greater insight on our service, feel free to contact us directly and speak with a member of staff. 

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