[Podcast] Will the bubble burst or do we burst Harry’s Dent’s Bubble? | Interviews with Harry Dent and Pete Wargent

We’re heading for the biggest crash since the great depression and it’s just around the corner, according to Harry Dent.

He’s doing a virtual seminar telling anyone who’s prepared to listen that we’re headed for a stock market crash, a major depression, and the value of your home dropping 40-50%.My Podcast #187 Harry Dent Market Crash

Today we’re going to have a chat with Harry Dent, and I’m also going to have a talk with Pete Wargent.

Before we get into the interview, a word of warning.

Especially for the fainthearted. Harry makes some really scary predictions.

Please listen to the whole interview, and don’t sell up your assets before you listen to my views and Pete Wargent’s. 

Topics Discussed With Harry Dent

Why Harry thinks that we’re approaching an economic winter with fallout worse than the Great Depression
Why Harry believes we’re in a bubble
Whether bubbles have to burst – can’t they just deflate?
What the demographics are indicating will happen next to our economy
The trigger that will burst the bubble
Whether Harry believes there are safe ways to invest
What business owners should be doing right now
What Harry sees happening to the property market in Australia
How immigration underpins Australia’s real estate market
The upsides that Harry sees on the other side of the downturn
What Harry would say to people who heard his previous predictions
The message that Harry has for Australians in his virtual seminar

Topics Discussed With Pete Wargent

What a bubble really is and what happens when one bursts
Whether the average Australian household has taken on too much debt
The government’s current response to the crisis
What the government has learned from previous downturns
When the recovery will begin
How Australia’s demographics compare to other countries
The soundness of Australia’s banking system
What could cause a collapse in the value of property in Australia
Australia’s culture of homeownership
Where there are likely to be the most difficulties in the property market

Links and Resources: 

Michael Yardney

Get the team at Metropole to help build your personal Strategic Property Plan Click here and have a chat with us

Harry Dent’s website

Harry Dent’s Australian virtual seminar

Pete Wargent  Next Level Wealth 

Pete Wargent’s new book Low Rates High Returns

Some of our favourite quotes from the show:

“Well, we have some features of a bubble, yes, but we’re actually not in a bubble.” – Michael Yardney

“Here we’ve got 70% of properties owned by homeowners, half of them without debt, and those of them that do have debt, it’s in the hands of those who can afford it.” – Michael Yardney

“In the rest of the world, a lot of people expect to be tenants all their life; here in Australia people would rather eat dog food than give up their homes.” – Michael Yardney


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