Why you must understand these fascinating Success Habits of the Rich [MASTERMIND VIDEO]

What’s the biggest differences between the rich and the poor? 

Any I don’t mean the fact that the rich have more money.

There is a lot more to it than that.

That’s what Tom Corley and I discuss in this MasterMind session video

I’ve written so much about the big differences between the Rich and the Poor over the years.

In fact, I’ve written the book Rich Habits Poor Habits together with Tom Corley which explains our findings in detail.

Watch as we discuss the following:

I’ve recognised if you want to make a change in your financial life, it must be done in the following 3 steps:

Awareness —it starts within you – recognising  your disempowering beliefs and your “ Poor Habits”  – your thoughts and actions.
Removing — your disempowering beliefs and your ”Poor Habits”
Reprogramming — working on your beliefs and habits so you can create a new way of being.

The good news is anyone living in modern developed western countries can become rich today.

I ask Tom the following questions:

How many in your study were self-made millionaires?
You found being rich eliminates 67% of Life’s problems – how’s that work?
How much of a role does luck play?

We also discuss the following habits of successful people :

All success requires passion
All success requires unrelenting persistence
All success requires taking risks
All success requires action
All success requires hard work
All success requires a team of apostles who believe in you and your dream
All success requires continuous daily self-education
All success requires a leap of faith
All success requires patience chess-game-leader-investment-strategy-win-success-negotiate-300x235
All success requires good daily habits
All success requires an optimistic, positive mental outlook
All success requires the development of processes that work
All success requires adding value to the lives of others
All success requires creating a herd of followers
All success requires stepping outside your comfort zone
All success requires laser-like focus
All success requires developing unique skills and the acquisition of knowledge specific to your industry
All success requires creating the opportunity for luck to occur
All success requires the ability to pivot around obstacles, pitfalls, mistakes and failures
All success requires the ability to survive until you thrive

So now it’s your choice – who would you rather be like?

If you want to be rich do what rich people do.

If you don’t then do what poor people do – it’s that simple.

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