The Block 2020 | Second Guest bedroom & Ensuite week reveal

From kids’ rooms to guest rooms, this week had it all.

The contestants pulled out all the stops for a massive week with some truly stunning designs

Style Highlights

In house 1, Harry and Tash created a beautiful Art Deco inspired room, reflecting their 1920s house.

The layout of the room was perfect, featuring a fantastic wardrobe and gorgeous artwork.

Despite their error in the bathroom, there was a lot to love, in particular the beautiful terrazzo tiles.

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Harry Tash 033

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Harry Tash 011

In house 2, George and Sarah created a beautiful space in both rooms.

The guest bedroom featured a gorgeous wallpaper mural, and the sheer size of the room, featuring huge ceilings, made it feel very lux.

The bathroom had a gorgeous monochrome pallet, with beautiful tiles and great tapware features.

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Sarah George 063

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Sarah George 035

In house 3, Daniel and Jade created took on the massive task of creating two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The family-friendly bedrooms were ideal for a young boy and young girl, with gorgeous wallpaper and stunning colour pallets.

The bathroom was bright and featured lovely elements, in particular the mint-green basins.

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Daniel Jade 026

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Daniel Jade 077

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Daniel Jade 130

In house 4 Luke and Jasmin created what can only be described as a gorgeous and whimsical kids room.

Everything from the wallpaper to the hanging chair and the bunk beds was absolutely divine, the addition of the elephant and lion mounted on the wall also gave the room an extra magical touch.

The bathroom was executed perfectly to match, including beautiful terrazzo and subway tiles.

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Luke Jasmin 014

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Luke Jasmin 034

In house 5, Jimmy and Tam created two very bold rooms.

Their bedroom featured gorgeous wallpaper, and a beautiful bench overlooking the backyard, the colour pallet worked really well and tied in with the rest of the house so far.

The bathroom featured a very striking peach colour pallet on the walls, a bold choice, but it worked beautifully with the tile selection.

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Jimmy Tam 055

Rm5 Bedroom Bathroom Jimmy Tam 016

Still to come:

The week of all weeks’ – Kitchen week!

Photo Source: Pinterest

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