Here’s the #1 way of being really successful

Just for fun I did a quick google search on how to be successful and it came up with 1,260 million articles

Road To SuccessThere’s lots of blogs with 7 steps to become successful sooner, or 10 tips on how to be successful in life.

Clearly there’s not one definition of success but in Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, she explains we need more than money and power as measures of success, and I agree.

There’s one trait that I have noticed in all the successful investors, business people and entrepreneurs I deal with and…

It’s the Capability of Gratitude

At the heart of what I’m talking about here is the fact that all abundance starts with gratitude.

Gratitude is something the most successful people practice.

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In other words, be thankful for both the ups and downs in life, because each and every experience has shaped you into who you are today.

If you think about it, gratitude actually creates more abundance…

The word gratitude is very closely connected to the word “appreciate.”

In economic terms, appreciation means “increased value.”

Another part of appreciation is to “fully understand.”

When you are truly grateful, you communicate that you fully understand another person or a situation.

Therefore, you increase the value of that person or situation.

But let me be clear…this is about Choice.

Fact is… you can choose to be grateful

Truly successful people choose to be grateful.

Think about it…

I bet you’ve noticed that there are a lot of successful people out there that aren’t really happy.

What is going on there?

Business Success

Well, what’s going on is that they are looking outside to create meaning for their lives.

Instead, the productive thing is to start with something that is internally generated – something you have total control, access, and choice over.

Your first step to more abundance and true success is to be grateful – and to do so proactively.

You can look at any area or anything and be grateful.

It’s your interpretation.

The choice comes from you

It’s the first step to having a really successful life.

How I do this is to ensure that before I get up out of bed each morning I think of three things that I’m grateful for, but the trick is they have to be three different things than I thought of the day before.

It’s a great way to start the day.

I’ve come to recognise that no matter what life throws at you—good, bad, big, little—it’s important to express gratitude.

To give thanks for yesterday, today and tomorrow, and all that you’ve experienced, because each up and every down you face is a landmark on your journey that makes you who you are.

Appreciate all that you have in your life, and don’t fret about the things that you don’t.

Count your blessings instead of your troubles.

And most importantly, remember to always be grateful.

Seeing life as a gift can change everything.

So, what are you thankful for?

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