Your guide to the Housing Market Cup

It’s Melbourne Cup time, but with the current focus on economic recovery, there’s a race of much greater significance to property investors – it’s this year’s Housing Market Cup. Cup 1614530 1920

You’ve studied the form, got some tips from mates at work and heard about a lucky few who really cleaned up, but will you be backing the winner of this year’s Housing Market Cup?

Breaking News!

One of the international favourites, Overseas Arrivals, has been placed in quarantine and is scratched from this year’s race.

And they’re off!

Oh no!! Lockdown has got himself stuck in the barrier, and his rider Open for Inspection is furious.

They’ll take no part in the race.

First Home Buyer has made a good start after a big feed on government incentives, and he’s responding to vigorous riding by his jockey First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, but he hasn’t got any staying power and his owners, Big Four Banks are threatening to sell him unless he improves on recent form.

The early favourite, Property Market Crash has completely misjudged a turn in the market and veered right off the track, taking her rider Gloomy Economist with her.

That’s the last we’ll see of them.

Here comes the lightweight, Low Interest Rates, quickly moving up through the pack.

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He’s hit the lead and making every post a winner, but it’s far too early and his jockey Economic Recession is about to apply the brakes.

The three rank outsiders, Rent to Buy, Options and Landbanking have had a ding dong bumping duel since the start and they’re right out of contention.

You can tear up your tickets if you backed them.

Their owner, Spruiker, was talking up their chances big time before the event, but now he’s nowhere to be found.

Long Term Growth is taking forever to get going and her jockey, Buy and Hold, seems content to just see the race out.

Big Data is dodging and weaving around.

His rider, Analysis Paralysis can’t decide whether to try for a rails run, go around the outside, or wait for a gap to open, and with all that indecision he’s dropped right back in the field.

There goes Renovator, moving up quickly to take the lead, but his jockey, Unexpected Problems looks like he’s been up all night.

He’s obviously a sprinter, not a stayer. Market

Where’s Off The Plan, the only foreign entry?

He’s been in all the news because of the huge price his owners paid for him, but his rider, Big Developer seems to be having trouble handling this year’s tricky track conditions.

What’s Housing Market Cycle up to?

She’s going around in circles and not making any headway at all.

There’s the veteran of the race, Mining Town, bucking and trying to throw his jockey Speculative Investor right out of the saddle.

It’s a wonder the stewards let him race at all after the recent massive falls he’s had.

As they head into the home straight, here comes Timing the Market.

Her jockey, Clever Investor has spotted an area where the capital growth is much better and taken the lead.

She’s timed her run perfectly, and easily wins the Housing Market Cup for 2020.

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