We’re All in This Together

From religious instructions, living with grandparents to his occupation, everything revolved around the family for Joseph Pistilli.

He was already following in his father’s footsteps as a construction labourer, his parent’s retirement plan was already in the works. When everybody thought all was well, his father suddenly got sick.

Of course, it was a big family concern. As any loving son would do, he thought of the best way to ease things up.

“So, I approached my father and said, ‘You know, it may be the best thing for us to do to get rid of these bills that keep coming to pass we sell this building…he didn’t want me to sell the property. I stay with his wishes. Then at some point, he did listen to me and said, “Look, if you think this the best thing for us to do, we would do that.’ We ended up selling the property. I know nothing about the real estate business.”

It was a tough decision, but little did they know that this dilemma turned out to be a blessing in disguise. See him share his family’s incredible journey into the real estate and the banking industries


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