Value My House

Want to know the Value of My House then Read On;

Value My House provides an online house valuation, delivered to your email ASAP. When you want to know how much is my house worth, then our report will provide you with a 10-year market average pricing. The suburb report also has the locations of properties listed and sold by value. Plus data on currently listed properties and those that have sold. You will also see the average rental pricing in your area. The report is very comprehensive and covers all bases. If your report lacks current data due to low market evidence or no pricing. We will send an Elite agent around free of charge and get this pricing more accurate.

My Property Value discusses the Elite Agent

We at Value My House believe Elite Agents have the ethical intent to always act in the sellers best interest. Market the property to obtain as many offers as possible and work all offers to obtain the absolute best price. We request agents always work with this ethos in mind to secure a good reputation for the industry and fellow agents.

A busy agent may not always be the best agent or have the ability to work in the sellers best interest. This depends on how organised the agent and his team are, neither is an agent with very few listings always the best agent either. At Elite Agent Group we like to attract agents with a great ethos and customer service focus working always in the sellers best interest.Value My Property has the ability for you to request and Elite Agent to come and chat.

Property Value and Elite Mortgage Brokers

We can also recommend the industries best home loan agents, who come in the top 5% of mortgage brokers in Australia. Their vast knowledge and experience allow them to obtain the best value home loan to favour your circumstances. We like to see Australians purchasing their own home. To obtain the great Australian dream of owning their own homes. My Property Value is the starting point of this journey.