Top 5 structuring mistakes property investors make [Video]

How important is owning your investments in the correct ownership structure? 

The answer is simple…

It’s vitally important.

So what’s the best ownership structure?

Well…that depends as you’ll find out in this chat I had with Ken Raiss.

In particular, we discuss the 5 most common mistakes Ken has seen investors make when choosing their ownership structures:


How to use the tax legislation to your best advantage. Property Investment Checklist 300x199 300x199
The importance of starting with the end in mind.
How owning properties in joint names with your spouse could reduce your borrowing capacity and cost you more.
Why buying in your own name may be wrong when a “trust” may be more appropriate.
Using the wrong trust to buy your property and missing out significant benefits.
Not linking your debt structure with ownership (ie purpose of the loan) and therefore getting your interest deductions denied.
Purchasing your property in multiple names instead of one name, which effectively reduces your land tax threshold.


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