The key to financial freedom? Finding your mentor

When we think of entrepreneurs we often think of trailblazers forging ahead on their own, someone who’s doing something different or creating something new. Mentor Pass Torch Help Assist Manage Job Goal Succeed Retire 270x200

While it’s true that in order to achieve financial freedom, you’ll have to rely on your own wits and talents, it’s also true that no one succeeds on their own.

If you’re going to do something difficult, something that most people would quit when things get tough, then it makes sense to seek out others who’ve been there before you.

Otherwise it’s going to be a very long and lonely journey.

Here are some of the best reasons to find a mentor:


There will be times when you feel that you’re on your own or that the problems you’re facing are unique to you.

That’s when a mentor is extremely handy.

They have been there before and they know exactly what it feels like to lose their footing.

They know what to say and when to be tough and when to offer compassion.

This is invaluable when you stumble and feel like giving up.


Many entrepreneurs and risk takers often think they have all the answers. mentorship-program_ad2017_300x250_FINAL

That’s largely because they’re so self-reliant and confident, and they know that very few people work as hard as they do to get the job done.

But entrepreneurs need to learn when it’s OK to ask for advice.

Even the most talented people don’t know everything, which is where a mentor comes in.

They can provide hard-won experience and wisdom.

The kind of knowledge people take short courses and pay good money to access.

Mentors can provide you with the benefit of their hindsight and prevent you from making the same mistakes they did.



Opening Doors

A mentor can also introduce you to new people who could radically change the course of your career.

So much of success on life is based on being at the right place at the right time and talking to the right person.

In life it’s not who you know, but who who you know knows. (And I’m not stuttering)

You see…there’s only so much we can control, but exposing yourself to the inner circles of the well-connected increases your chances of this happening.

And you never know where an encounter at an event will lead…


Yep, that’s right.

A mentor, a good one, will challenge you. expert leader

They’ll bring out the best in you by making you look at your decisions, the way you’re approaching your career and how you face failure.

They’ll force you to reach into untapped reservoirs of resilience and forge forward.

They’ll expand your mind with their knowledge, and lead by example.

In this way, a good mentor is life-changing.

Don’t think I’m overstating it because it’s true. 

A truly great mentor is character building.

So you may be wondering how to find a good mentor?

Take a look around your networks and ask yourself who it is you admire. teacher mentor learning

Is there someone who seems to command a lot of respect?

Look for someone who is always professional, doesn’t gossip about colleagues behind their back, and has integrity.

Experience helps, too.

Because the truth is: you can’t do it on your own.

You have to find people to help you on your path in life, and this can be a great thing not only for your career, but for your social life as well.

After all, great friends are made in the trenches.

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