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Property Value

Property Value will create an online appraisal of the Value My Home request that you are looking for. Our Free Online Appraisal Report will include the valuation of your home, along with a suburb report, recent sales, for sale or on the market homes, plus houses for rent.

In the Free Online Appraisal Report, you will have maps of those houses that fall under the category of recent sales, for sale and for rent, along with historical sales and growth charts. it will even show school catchments in the area, this free area report is great for making a decision if you have a certain preference for schools. Or great information which you need to know if you are selling your home.

Property Valuation is always handy to know when getting an agent to sell your home.
Value my Home recommends only good dedicated agents. Just think when selling my home do a pick a busy agent. No

Think about it, A very busy agent doesn’t necessarily have the time to run a successful campaign on your house, managing all buyer inquiries, managing ALL buyers offers, following up every lead when he has to many properties to Sell! This could cost you Tens of thousands of Dollars.

Lazy Agents will first try and get you to accept the first offer, they will not follow up buyers consistently, especially when you are running an auction campaign or even by private sale. Property Value at its maximum is achieved through dedicated and extensive marketing, strong buyer followup and through strong negotiation techniques.

When you need Value My Home free online appraisal, email us and we will get an elite agent to talk some more with you. You will get an accurate house valuation then know what’s my house worth.

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