Property Valuation

Property Valuation Report

If you are planning to buy or sell a property in Australia, or you need to know the exact value of your property. This is where the service of an Australian online property valuation company comes into effect. The valuation report includes the price range of a specific property or its market price. Apart from determining the price range, the evaluator provides some basic guidelines that help you make a well-informed decision. If you are wondering what is the value of my house, check out what does a property valuation report show.


Under legitimacies and legalities, the property valuation report includes details about the registered owners, proprietors, assessments & rates, zoning management and the legal description about the land & structures.


Under this section, the property value evaluator describes complete information about the area and its demographic description. Details about the facilities and features available in the particular area and the surrounding regions are also included in the report.

Description of the Property:

In description sector, different aspects of your property pertaining to its market valuation are provided. The evaluator will provide details only about the features that affect the price value of property. The kind of information that is considered insignificant would not be included. Any improvements made can increase the property’s value, hence it is always mentioned in ‘My Property Value’ report.

Different Types of Evaluation Methods:

Usually, three methods are used by most of the Australian property evaluators to value the property – income appreciation approach, sales approach and depreciated replacement cost approach. The evaluators will provide you with a list of similar properties in the same location, which will be easier for you to assess your property value properly.

A comprehensive property valuation begins with an external and internal inspection of your property. It takes around 48 hours to produce a three-page report, and it varies based on the price, property type and the requested report format. According to Peter Boehm, a property and finance expert, the key attributes of property valuation include

  • Architectural style
  • Land size & condition
  • Aspect, topography and layout of the block
  • Proximity to schools, transportation facilities, shops and amenities
  • Size and layout of the residence
  • Number of rooms

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