[Podcast] Sorry, Owning 50 Properties is Almost Impossible Now with Daniel Gold

When I wrote the first edition of my book How To Grow A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio – in your spare time, way back in 2006, it was outsold by another author who promised the secret to going from 0 to 230 properties in three and a half years.

Subsequently, the same author wrote another book, 0 to 260 properties in seven years. Property 2

Now who wouldn’t want to be able to achieve that?

But the question is, is that realistic?

And the answer is – No.

And the author didn’t own that number of properties either.

He was using a form of options financing that is  now illegal (not that I’m suggesting he did anything illegal at the time.)

Anyway, there are still people out there claiming that you can build significant property portfolios in a short amount of time.

But my guest today, Daniel Gold, who’s a finance broker, will explain why owning 50 properties is virtually impossible today.

Now clearly, it’s not how many properties you own that’s important.

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More important is the size of your asset base and how hard your money’s working for you.

I’d rather own one shopping center than 50 properties in regional Australia.

When we dug into the latest Australian tax office data that showed how many property investors were in Australia and how much they owned, the statistics were telling.

Most property owners never get past their first or second property.

Less than one percent of all property investors owned 6 or more properties.

That’s it.

In today’s conversation, I’ll show why it’s really hard to grow a portfolio of 50 properties.

Then, after my conversation with Daniel Gold, I’ll share a mindset message with you.

Why is it harder to own 50 properties now?

The credit environment is now completely different from what it was 10 years ago Property Price
This is largely due to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009
The NCCP changed the way banks assess rental income and expenses
Most banks are discounting your rental income by 20-30%
The bank assumes that interest-only commitment is a principle and interest commitment
Banks buffer up the interest rate by as much as 2.5% more than the actual rate
You need more cash flow to hold onto your properties than you did in the old days
Right now, a cash-flow neutral or even cash-flow positive property will hinder new borrowing in some way
Everyone has a borrowing or credit ceiling

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show:

“I guess the reason behind this is, some people were lent a bit too much money, they got a bit ahead of themselves and got themselves into financial trouble.” – Michael Yardney House Model On Top Of Stack Of Money As Growth Of Mortgage Credit, Concept Of Property Management. Invesment And Risk Management.

“You’ve got no choice at the moment; the banks are actually forcing us to become good money managers.” – Michael Yardney


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