[Podcast] How I built my property empire – Summer Series

If you want to become successful at anything, whether it’s property investment, business or entrepreneurship, a great strategy is to find yourself a mentor – someone who’s achieved what you’re wanting to achieve and study them, learn from them and emulate them.

You can learn from their successes as well as their failures. Property Empire My

In fact it’s much cheaper to learn from your mentor’s mistakes

So please allow me to be one of your mentors.

You see…I frequently get interviewed on the radio, television and on podcasts.

And today I’d like to replay an interview that brought out a lot of great information about my youth, my successes and also the things I’ve done wrong.

As I said…if you can learn from other people’s mistakes, why not do that instead of making these yourself?

Mike Mortlock from MCG Quantity Surveyors interviewed me for his podcast.

This show is about double the length of our normal show, but there’s a lot of good information there that both new and returning listeners will benefit from.

Some of the topics we discuss during the interview

How I got interested in property
My first propertyMortgage
What led me to start the Metropole Group of Companies
How finding mentors and learning from mistakes helped me create the business that I have today
Some of the mistakes I’ve made
Patterns I’ve learned in the property cycles
Strategies that I have used in my real estate investment journey
Which locations are going to outperform in the long run
Why investors should think like home buyers
What opportunities exist for potential investors with limited budgets
How long it really takes to become financially independent
Some strategies for new investors
Difficulties with getting financing when you have several properties
A mistake that I sees property investors frequently make
How investors can use renovations to add value
Why behavioural finance and investment psychology are important subjects to understand
How biases affect financial decision making
The services that Metropole offers

Links and Resources:

Michael Yardney

Metropole Property Strategists

Michael Yardney’s Mentorship Program

Mike Mortlock MCG Quantity Surveyors

Some of our favourite quotes from the show: Work Hard Prerequisite To Success.

“I’m actually a real success at failure. I guess there’s been tenacity to keep going.” –Michael Yardney

“The good and the bad times are keep coming, so be prepared for them. Maximizse your upside and be prepared to cover your downside.”

“One of the big lessons of successful investors, business people, is to delay gratification. Wealth is the transfer of money from the impatient to the patient.” –Michael Yardney


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