How many properties does Michael Yardney own?

If I had a dollar for every time in my capacity as a property strategist I’ve been asked “How Many Properties does Michael Yardney own?”, I’d be almost as wealthy as Michael.

Well before I put you out of your misery and answer the question I thought we could have some fun first.

How about a multiple-choice question?

House Model Amidst Coins At TableTry and answer the following question correctly first.

How many properties do you need to retire?

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
e) 8

If you answered ‘a’ or ‘b’ then you are wrong!

If you answered ‘d’ or ‘e’ then you are incorrect.

However, if you answered ‘c’ then congratulations… are also wrong!

That was fun, wasn’t it? (I can almost see you shaking your head as I write this)

If you realized it’s a trick question, then you are already ahead of the gameMetropole

It’s important to always remember that it’s not about the number of properties you own, it’s about the size and value of your asset base, and the quality of assets within your portfolio.

Let me put it this way, whenever we see the illustrious Forbes Rich List or the BRW Rich List there is rarely any mention of the number of assets the individual owns.

What is however always mentioned, is what is important, the individuals net worth.

And net worth is the value of all assets minus the total of all liabilities.

There’s that word again…….‘value’.

That being said, let me ask you another question Want to take advantage

What would you prefer?

30 residential investment properties or 1 Westfield shopping centre?

Don’t worry it’s a rhetorical question, no need to answer it.

But I gather you get my point.

Forget number of properties and think value of properties.

Ok so now that I’ve set the tone…..on to the question you’ve all been waiting for.

The 6-million-dollar question

In fact, it’s worth significantly more than that.

And yes, you guessed it, it’s another multiple choice.

Here we go…

15563628_l1How many properties does Michael Yardney own?

a) 17 properties
b) 24 properties
c) 32 properties
d) 56 properties
e) 75 properties
Drum roll please…


oops I forgot to include option ‘f’.

Option ‘f’ being… IT DOESN’T MATTER.

(I’m sorry for yelling)

Metropole Advice

Yes, I know it’s a bit of an anti-climax and if you haven’t thrown your phone across the room or punched the computer screen then please continue reading.

The truth is that I don’t know.

Not only do I not know but it’s actually none of my business.

Nobody knows how many properties Michael owns, other than the man himself (and his wife Pam – if she can keep count.)

What I do know however about Michael’s portfolio, in fact what I can guarantee are the following 8 things:

Each property would be in a well located residential suburb in the inner middle rings of our capital cities.
Each property would be a quality investment grade asset with a strong focus on growth that outperforms the averages.
Each property would have owner occupier appeal.
Each property would have been purchased at or below its intrinsic value.
Each property would have a large land to asset value ratio.
Each property would have had the potential to add value via a renovation or development.
Each property would have some level of scarcity value. That is, it would have something unique about it relative to the level of demand.
Each property would have been the highest and best use of his funds.

So, there you have it

We are no closer to answering the mysterious question however we have learnt there is a much more accurate and powerful question to ask a property investor to determine their success or wealth.

And that is……‘What is the value of your asset base?’

That being said, if you ever find out how many properties Michael owns or the value of his asset base then feel free to get in touch (I would still like to know).

If you would like to discuss how to grow the value of your asset base with quality investment grade assets that outperform the averages in growth, then reach out to the independent team at Metropole property strategists.


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