High IQ is a Daily Habit

Use it or lose it applies to intelligence.

The more you use your brain, the more brain mass you create.


More mass = greater intelligence.

Brain density is measured by the number of synapses (connections between neurons), the birth of the myelin sheath surrounding each axon (the axon is how brain cells send signals) and the volume of glial cells, which support brain cells.

When you engage in daily learning, daily aerobic exercise and eat healthy, nutritious foods, you increase the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NFG) in your brain.

NFG is a protein that helps grow and maintain neurons, the myelin sheath and glial support cells.

Increasing the production of NFG is important when you consider that the average person loses 10% of their brain weight in a lifetime, with more of that brain loss occurring after age 60.


Daily learning, daily aerobic exercise and good nutrition are particularly important in maintaining and growing glial cells.

Glial cells protect the health and support the growth of neurons and the myelin sheath.

Although there was nothing particularly unusual about his brain, Albert Einstein, at the time of his death (age 75), did have an above average number of glial support cells, which no doubt helped keep Einstein’s brain functioning at a high level during his lifetime.

Even up to his last breath, Einstein’s brain was hard at work trying to come up with unified field theory.

Your brain is a muscle.

Like any muscle, you must use it daily for it to grow and you must feed it.

Synapse Brain

You feed it through daily aerobic exercise and healthy eating.

If you want to succeed in life, you must forge daily habits that improve brain performance and brain health.

Success is a process.

Part of that process includes increasing your intelligence throughout your success journey.

When you optimize brain performance, you are able to find creative and intelligent solutions to all of the obstacles, pitfalls and problems you will encounter during your journey towards success.

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