Good agents succeed in all market conditions + Contract invinsibles

Do you know what the biggest misconception about offset accounts is?  Well, you will find out today as our guest host Cate Bakos talks to David Johnston from Property Planning Australia.  They also discuss stepping stone properties and how fledgling investors can use this strategy.   Peter Koulizos is the professor and one of the hosts on the property buyer, planner, and professor podcast along with our guest anchor this week Cate Bakos.  David Johnston, who Kevin Turner mentioned earlier, makes up the third person on the panel of property experts on the podcast.  As well as catching up with David in this week’s show Cate wanted to invite Peter on to talk about first time buyers sticking their toe in the water with a commercial property only to find out it is hot water. The biggest problem with contracts is what is not in the contract.  David Gonzalez from Melbourne based MNG Lawyers says this can be an even bigger problem with auction properties.  Cate Bakos talks to David about how buyers and sellers should prepare for any unforeseen obstacles.  That later.  But first, in an effort to get an appreciation for what is taking place in the Melbourne property market, Cate asked Tristan Tomasino to jump in the hot seat.  Tristian runs a real estate office in Melbourne’s inner west.  If anyone knows – he does.  Here they are.

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