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Dollar Tree is one of the only chains that Amazon can’t beat — and it runs the most appalling store we’ve ever seen (DLTR)

Dollar Tree8Business Insider/Hayley Peterson

Dollar Tree is opening 650 stores this year in the midst of the biggest wave of retail bankruptcies and store closures in decades.
The company is largely immune from the threat of Amazon due to the combination of value, convenience, and “treasure hunt” shopping experiences that it offers customers, according to Moody’s.
We visited a Dollar Tree store in Richmond, Virginia, and it was in total disarray.

Dollar stores are thriving and opening hundreds of new locations in the midst of the biggest wave of retail bankruptcies and store closures in decades.

The stores’ success boils down to a combination of three factors that are nearly impossible to replicate online: low prices, convenience, and a “treasure hunt” shopping experience, according to Moody’s Investors Service.

We visited Dollar Tree, one of the top dollar stores in the US, to find out how it’s luring so many shoppers when other retailers are in decline.

We were expecting to find a no-frills shopping experience, but we were shocked to find the store in total disarray:

Dollar Tree is the biggest dollar chain in the US in terms of locations, with more than 14,700 stores.
Business Insider/Hayley Peterson
When we visited one of the company’s stores in Richmond, Virginia, we found one of the doors at the entrance boarded up with cardboard.
Business Insider/Hayley Peterson
Inside, we found more cardboard. Dozens of boxes lined the aisles.
Business Insider/Hayley Peterson
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