Best Practices for Using LinkedIn to Build Your Business

LinkedIn is the best business-to-business (B2B) website for real estate professionals. While today’s younger buyers and sellers are happily “snap chatting” and shooting 15-second music videos on TikTok, those who are actually in a position to buy a home have flocked to LinkedIn.  In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk recently recommended that if you want to build your social media presence this year and close more business, LinkedIn and TikTok are the places to be. Today Bernice and Greg do a deep dive into how you can maximize your results on LinkedIn.

Discover a simple secret to make sure your name appears ahead of any other person’s profile who has the same name you have.
How a little-known secret deal between Google search and LinkedIn influences where you rank on Google search.
Why you need a detailed LinkedIn profile that ALWAYS includes your location, especially your zip code.
How your “voice” (i.e., the content you provide) should differ on LinkedIn vs. Facebook.
Easy ways to create content for LinkedIn, as well as for the other social media sites.
Bob Burg’s secret to 1:1 networking using give-to-get marketing and how it ties into LinkedIn.
How to painlessly grow your database with personal introductions using Sherry McCormack’s LinkedIn coffee strategy – no door-knocking or cold calling required.


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