7 Critical Wealth Lessons

One thing I’ve noticed speaking with many property investors is…

That while on the one hand a small group have done very well over the last few years, on the other hand the majority have found the markets pretty tricky and feel they have either missed out or not maximised their opportunities. 

Many investors are having difficulty achieving capital growth, others are noticing the values of their properties falling and yet others are having difficulty getting the banks to lend them more money to grow their portfolios.

As part of the work I’m doing preparing for Wealth Retreat 2019 I’ve been reflecting a lot about the key lessons I take from my experiences and the experiences I’ve observed of the various investors I deal with.

Today I want to share with you 7 important wealth lessons I’ve learned

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Now on to my “quick list” of the seven important wealth lessons from past few years…

Lesson One: The fundamental model and strategy that 95+% of property investors follow is flawed

Firstly many investors don’t follow a plan or a strategy, but of those who do, time and time again I’ve seen so many people who have invested so much of their time, energy, passion and money to build a property portfolio, but their model for how to develop financial freedom was simply wrong. Wealth Retreat 2018 - General

To take your property investment business to the next level you’re going to have to do things differently to what most Australian investors do.

You see…if you have your ladder up against the wrong wall, then every step you take gets you further away from your destination.

It’s likely you’ll have to do things differently to what you’ve done to get to the level you are at today.

That’s why at Wealth Retreat we work so hard to define, map, and clarify an individual wealth strategy for you so that you get a concrete road map through for your property business, to get you from where you are today to point when you become a Level 4 investor.

This way you’ll know the specific focus, key milestones, core systems, critical controls and necessary team at every step and stage along this powerful map.

You’ll leave Wealth Retreat with a proven road map to become a Level 4 (professional) investor.

Lesson Two: Don’t try and do it in isolation

Very few property investors can successfully build a true property investment business without having a core community of peers with whom they can associate, share ideas, get candid feedback, and soak up new ideas.

How is your peer group going?

It’s been said that your level of wealth is likely to be the average of your 5 closest friends.

If you want to change your outcomes, have you considered upgrading your peer group?

Here are the top three reasons why your peer group matters so much:

Your peer group’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours are contagious.  puzzle team
They impact on the way you think, your ability to spot and take advantage of opportunities and your behaviours as you go after (or don’t go after) your financial goals.
Alone you are vulnerable; connected we are strong.
We all have blind spots and limitations, but your peers can help you bridge these gaps and share resources that help you make better decisions and financial choices.
It’s a lot more fun to build with other people than in isolation!
We live in a world that can be very isolating, but we are social beings. We build better when we have peers to bounce ideas off, to encourage us, and to hold us accountable.

It’s ultimately up to you to find and create the peer group that will help you live the life you want to live.

If you need to join an upgraded peer group of other DOERS why not join us at Wealth Retreat 2019

Lesson Three: You cannot build your property business based solely on the backs of a strong team  Families by state

If you haven’t yet learned this, you will – you can’t hand over responsibility for building your wealth to others.

While it’s important to have a good team of advisors around you, as CEO of your own property investment business you are the one who is going to need to lead and manage this team.

Yes your team members are an essential ingredient.

But they are one of three critical elements: a solid plan, a property investment system that is proven through a number of property cycles and a talented team.

Lesson Four: Investing from a place of ignorance may work when you are in a booming market, but it is the kiss of death when markets turn!

I think it was Warren Buffet who said: “A rising tide lifts all ships, but it’s only when the tide is out you can see who is swimming naked”.

Succeeding during a period of rapidly rising property values created a level of false confidence that got many investors and quite a few so called “advisers” into trouble as the market turned.

This leads me directly to the next lesson…

Lesson Five: The major risk you take is not your choice of investment, but rather it is YOU!

Hard as this is to accept, you are the greatest risk variable in your investment portfolio.

Learning to manage you… continually reinvesting in you… is the very best way to manage risk.

If you join me and a select group of motivated and already successful property investors at Wealth Retreat you will have the opportunity to invest in your knowledge, skills, expertise, experience and network.

Lesson Six: You must have a sound, clear financial plan that you build based on your future, not on your past

I’ve found that many investors get to a certain point and then their property investment growth stalls. Wealth Retreat 2018 - Pete Wargent

Some think it’s finance (or the lack of it) that’s holding them back.

However I see people on what many would call low incomes grow a very substantial property portfolio.

I know Trudi who came to the first Wealth Retreat in 2007, definitely did not have a high paying job.

But she ended up building a significant property portfolio that was featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine a few years ago.

Interestingly Trudi ended up joining us at Wealth Retreat 3 times – of course it’s not uncommon that successful investors keep reinvesting in themselves.

Already this year close to 30% of the places have been taken by returning attendees – some coming for the third or fourth time

Others need a new set of skills.

Many want to get involved in property development – a subject that we spend a lot of time on at Wealth Retreat.

And yet others need to get their tax structures right now that they own a substantial asset base.

At Wealth Retreat you will be taught advanced property, asset protection, tax and estate planning structures as well as share trading and business principles by appropriately qualified professionals – the best faculty I could put together.

Lesson 7: Focus more on what matters mostinspiration idea mindset

While money is important in those areas where it is important, it’s not at all important in those aspects of life where it is not important.

To be truly wealthy you need a balanced life.

You need your health, family and friends, time, personal growth, spirituality and the ability to contribute back to the community.

Life is sweet, life is good, and life is short.

It all seems to happen faster and faster every year you get older.

The kids grow up… you get older… and before you know it you’re heading for one of those big “zero” birthdays like I had a few years ago.

Savor life now… enjoy it now… share it now.

I know this may sound a bit corny to some, but it’s very significant in my book.

That’s why we say Wealth Retreat is about Creating Lifetime Wealth and Leaving a Legacy.

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