5 things your real estate agent may not tell you but should

When you’re selling your home or investment property, you want to work with an agent that you can trust, don’t you?

Your selling agent should be someone who understands your motivation for selling. sale-sign-auction-house-property-market

They should also have a solid communication system, which means you can get in contact with them easily.

Everyone hates endless voicemails on agent phones, don’t they?

Especially when you’re paying them to act on your behalf.

Another key factor in selecting the right agent to sell your home is that they should be honest with you – property warts and all!

The thing is, not all selling agents are upfront with their clients.

So to remedy that, here are five things that your agent may not tell you but they should.

 1. Ugly stick?

Everyone loves their homes for different reasons. Metropole Property Home Buyers Enquiry

One person might love a small, cluttered unit for a home, while another likes lots of open space and an interior that resembles IKEA.

We’re all different so whatever floats your property boat is fine until… it comes time to sell.

A good sales agent will honestly, but diplomatically, inform their client that their home has been hit by the ugly stick and something drastic needs to be done to attract more buyers.

This could be mould in the bathroom or floor coverings made of newspapers.

Whatever might detract from a potential sale needs to be removed.

And an honest agent will tell you so.

2. How long to sell

Most agent appointments are for about 45 to 60 days, depending on which State or Territory you are in. 26030291_l

But the fact of the matter is that your property might not sell in that timeframe – especially in normal or soft market conditions.

Why is that?

Let’s say it’s a two-bedroom house in an area that’s dominated by four-bedroom homes filled with families.

That means that the demographics of that area are probably looking for a bigger home to house their families – not a two-bedroom more suited to a single or a couple.

An honest agent will be upfront about the demand/supply equation with you so you’re not sweating on an offer after the very first open for inspection.

3. Neighbours aren’t necessarily friends

How often have you scoped out the neighbours of a property that you’re interested in buying?

Not that we’re not condoning spying on your potential new neighbours.

Rather, perhaps introduce yourself to them or scan their property to see if it’s full of overgrown grass or Rottweilers – not that there is anything wrong with that.

People can live whichever way that want too as it’s a free society.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to live next door to them, does it?

4. You can negotiate the commission meeting

Society is all about negotiation, whether we’re buying or selling something or we’re deciding what to have for lunch.

One thing that many sellers don’t understand is that the sales agent’s commission is also negotiable.

Of course, you want the agent to do a good job for you so don’t try to knock the commission down to offensive levels.

However, one strategy might be to negotiate a commission that incentivises the agent to secure a higher price for your property.

An honest agent will be open to such an offer.

Although they will probably negotiate with you – as they should!

5. Why are you selling?

People sell their properties for myriad reasons.

Sometimes it’s because they’re moving or they’ve simply outgrown the property.

Other times, though, it is because they’re worried about the market.

Or they might even think that selling the house will fix their marriage or their relationship.

A professional sales agent will always attempt to understand the vendor’s motivations for selling.

And an honest agent will provide advice on whether selling your property, at that moment in time, is going to fix anything at all.

The bottom line

Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of sales agents are professional operators who do their very best for your clients.  agent house

They are upfront and honest – and the seller gets a result that they’re happy with.

The key is ask the right questions to ensure that agent is the best one for you and your property before you appoint them.

And if you’d like a helping hand – and to help level the playing field – you could also consider using our vendor advocacy service.

That way, you can have an independent person who will be prepared to ask and answer the hard questions – without the emotion of owning the property.

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