24 Hour Property Manager + Winners and Losers + What can you get fror 700k?

Eliza Owen helps us understand the findings from the latest Pain & Gain Report. Also, the powerhouse markets of Melbourne and Sydney are showing signs of the impact of COVID. And now, Victoria is in close down. We can expect more angst.

Josh Masters looks at all the markets around the country, as we measure the overall impact city by city. What can you get for 700k if you’re shopping for a property? Herron Todd White looked around the country, and just so we can prove it’s possible to buy a property for that amount of money in all the states, Drew Hendrey joins Kevin Turner to take us through the possibilities.

But first this week, technology and more recently artificial intelligence has enabled even the smallest real estate office and independent agency to compete with much larger businesses. But still be able to offer a more personalized service to tenants and property investors. This year, off the back of COVID-19 we’ve seen property managers rapidly adopt technology, allowing them to work remotely. Carry out virtual inspection and book contactless appointments. It’s also ramped up the opportunity offered by artificial intelligence like that created by Ben Burton from Rental Heroes.

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